Clan Waddell

Our previous site was compromised due to a security hole in Drupal. We will work on building a new front page as time permits. For now you can check out the Waddell databases here:

Standard Database
This one should be reliable, active, and kept somewhat up to date by individual users. If you would like to maintain your own Waddell tree, please connect with us on our facebook group.
Unreliable Database
This is an old database that I inherited from another person. While this person did a lot of work pulling information together, a lot of it came from unreliable sources. So, while there is a lot of information here, there are many mistakes in the data and it cannot be trusted. I am leaving it here as it may give people some leads. Unless someone steps up to help administer this database I will be leaving this one as is. Please note: Due to too many complaints about the inaccurate information listed here, I have now locked this portion with a password. If you would like access to this portion, please send me a facebook message, and I will certainly provide you with the password.

- Kevin Waddell