Newtown,Sussex Co.,Nj,USA



Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Hannah  1 Mar 1793Newtown,Sussex Co.,Nj,USA I164045 Nate Waddell 
2 Hendershot, Abraham  15 Feb 1795Newtown,Sussex Co.,Nj,USA I164041 Nate Waddell 
3 Hendershot, Catherine  Abt 1793Newtown,Sussex Co.,Nj,USA I164040 Nate Waddell 
4 Hendershot, Daniel Predmore  27 May 1838Newtown,Sussex Co.,Nj,USA I164052 Nate Waddell 
5 Hendershot, Effie  1823Newtown,Sussex Co.,Nj,USA I164048 Nate Waddell 
6 Hendershot, Effie Jane  May 1790Newtown,Sussex Co.,Nj,USA I164039 Nate Waddell 
7 Hendershot, Elizabeth  1822Newtown,Sussex Co.,Nj,USA I164047 Nate Waddell 
8 Hendershot, Jacob  18 Feb 1828Newtown,Sussex Co.,Nj,USA I164049 Nate Waddell 
9 Hendershot, Julia Amanda  1834Newtown,Sussex Co.,Nj,USA I164051 Nate Waddell 
10 Hendershot, Mary  Abt 1786Newtown,Sussex Co.,Nj,USA I164038 Nate Waddell 
11 Hendershot, Peter  7 Nov 1770Newtown,Sussex Co.,Nj,USA I164034 Nate Waddell 
12 Hendershot, Peter M.  27 Sep 1832Newtown,Sussex Co.,Nj,USA I164050 Nate Waddell 
13 White, Anna Mary  13 Apr 1849Newtown,Sussex Co.,Nj,USA I164054 Nate Waddell